Ben Guanyi Li

Associate Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA 01854
  • Phone: 978 934 2767
  • Email: benli36 dot gmail dot com
  • Office: HSS 461


"International Geopolitics" (with Penglong Zhang)

Working paper
  • Current draft: [PDF]
  • Endogenous trade, endogenous borders, and endogenous politics

"Trade Retaliation: China versus Theories" (with Gary Lyn and Xing Xu)

Working paper
  • Current draft: [PDF] and [Slides]
  • Who, which, how, and how much

"Trump, China, and the Republicans" (with Yi Lu, Pasquale Sgro, and Xing Xu)

Working paper
  • Current draft: [PDF]
  • This long story is as short as 63 pages

"Lexicographic Bias in International Trade" (with Hua Cheng and Cui Hu)


"Extreme Weather and Long-term Health" (with Wang-sheng Lee)

  • Journal of Health Economics
  • Dusty data from two millennia of Chinese elites

"HIV Infections and Nightlight Luminosity" (with Pratibha Gautam)

  • Economics Letters
  • "So shines a good deed in a weary world!" (Shakespeare, 1600)

"The Production Economics of the Economics Production" (with Yushan Hu)

  • Journal of Economics & Management Strategy
  • Is economic knowledge produced in an economically efficient way?

"Alphabetic Norm and Research Output" (with Ang Li)

  • Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
  • Ang Li and Ben Li explain why economists use alphabetic author orders

"The Production Life Cycle" (with Yibei Liu)

  • Scandinavian Journal of Economics
  • Products have life cycles (Raymond Vernon), and so do their production processes

"The Economics of Nationalism" (with Xiaohuan Lan)

  • American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
  • Nationalism is a trade cost problem. Let us convince you, theoretically and empirically

"Shanghai's Trade, China's Growth" (with Wolfgang Keller and Carol Shiue)

  • IMF Economic Review
  • Universal gravitation applies to Shanghai as well as to the solar system

"Multinational Production and Choice of Technologies"

  • Economics Letters
  • Multinationals are biased, technologically

"Geographic Concentration and Vertical Disintegration" (with Yi Lu)

  • Journal of Urban Economics
  • How about getting closer and buying more from each other